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Located in the Imperial Valley, Spread the Love Charity is an amazing non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to provide resources for the less fortunate, strengthen, unite and love our community and touch as many hearts as possible.  Spread the Love Charity acts as the conduit between those in need and resources available to meet those needs.  With the support of our community, non-profit organizations, government programs and local philanthropic efforts Spread the Love facilitates getting needs taken care of - some examples may include access to meals, clothing, hygiene items, transportation, housing and so much more.  From supporting with financial assistance for rent deposits, to helping get access to eye glasses, to supplying holiday gifts, Spread the Love's work focuses on providing support to uplift those who have fallen on hard times.


Our headquarters is the hub for facilitating help to those in need by providing guidance to the less fortunate.  Not only does our office serve as a place for our Non-Profit Board Members to meet but is the place where administrative services are available to help those in need to apply for social security, request benefits on a county/state/federal level, to locate their family member and receive support in many other ways!


Spread the Love Charity has been in operation since 2015 through the dedication of local volunteers and support of our incredible community.  Spread the Love Charity focuses on serving as the guide to help those in need through tangible and sustainable practices.  Through these efforts, the lives of hundreds of people have been changed forever and we continue to make a difference for many on a daily basis. Your support is what makes this possible and continues to be the fuel that allows us to make an impact in our community!


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